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Prearrange Your Own Funeral Plans

It is a difficult topic to think about, but the caring staff at Fiore Funeral Home is here to help you determine your own prearrangement services. You won't have to leave your funeral service up to someone else. Prearrangement of a family member's or other loved one's funeral is also available.

Gain Peace of Mind

Prearranging a funeral for yourself or a loved one allows you to personalize these services as you would prefer. Prearrangement gives you the responsibility of your own funeral and also helps make the process simpler for your family.

100% of all prearrangement money are put in an irrevocable trust in a local back for your protection and security.

Personal Funeral Prearrangement Plans

Thanks to Fiore Funeral Home, you can plan out your own truly unique services that reflect the way you lived your life. We also carry a number of accessories, keepsakes, and items to accentuate the service.

  • Casket linings
  • Caskets (including rental caskets)
  • Exchangeable corners
  • Keepsakes
  • Urns
  • Vaults
funeral service
Since 1984
Military discounts are available on purchases of memorial vaults.

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